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that’s right, i’m talking to you. …and admittedly, myself. do you ever stop to remember the sinfulness of your own life? i believe that if we all did that every now and then, claims of hypocrisy would cease. man, it … Continue reading

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the groan of creation

“i will sigh, and with all creation groan as i wait for Hope to come for me.” – brooke fraser (c.s. lewis) the other day i went running outside. *gasp* in FEBRUARY?!  yeah, it was warm and gorgeous outside.  so … Continue reading

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learning to let go

“if everything is Yours, i’m letting it go. it was never mine to hold.” – audrey assad i never imagined that one day i would be led to “let go” of my own child.  no, i don’t have human children, … Continue reading

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i know i know…WHAT is a mud-duck?

…i’d be lying if i told you have the EXACT meaning. the best i can do is try to put into words the image i have of these duck-like creatures from a dream. somewhere in this dream i stumbled upon … Continue reading

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