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you know me...a sinner straying from the straight and narrow.


that’s right, i’m talking to you. …and admittedly, myself. do you ever stop to remember the sinfulness of your own life? i believe that if we all did that every now and then, claims of hypocrisy would cease. man, it … Continue reading

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the groan of creation

“i will sigh, and with all creation groan as i wait for Hope to come for me.” – brooke fraser (c.s. lewis) the other day i went running outside. *gasp* in FEBRUARY?!  yeah, it was warm and gorgeous outside.  so … Continue reading

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learning to let go

“if everything is Yours, i’m letting it go. it was never mine to hold.” – audrey assad i never imagined that one day i would be led to “let go” of my own child.  no, i don’t have human children, … Continue reading

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i know i know…WHAT is a mud-duck?

…i’d be lying if i told you have the EXACT meaning. the best i can do is try to put into words the image i have of these duck-like creatures from a dream. somewhere in this dream i stumbled upon … Continue reading

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