that’s right, i’m talking to you.

…and admittedly, myself.

do you ever stop to remember the sinfulness of your own life? i believe that if we all did that every now and then, claims of hypocrisy would cease. man, it REALLY grates my nerves when i hear people screaming “HYPOCRITE” all around me. WHAT irony! they are living hypocritical lives, themselves. who isn’t?

i am a professed Christian. yes, i believe Christ died for me, literally in my place. i believe that He will return, and i believe that in response to this, i am called to a higher standard of living. (we all are, but many of us choose to resist it).

i am also a professed screw-up. i get it wrong, ALL the time. even my altars are in vain.

and quite frankly, i don’t have an issue professing either of these principles. i get it right, and i can comfortably and confidently say that. however, the times i get it right are separated with HUGE lapses of character, which is an unequivocal truth. so, since i am honest about this, am i still a hypocrite? what if i boasted no standard of living at all, would there be basis for hypocrisy? what if you never heard it come from my mouth, but my behavior didn’t change a lick? what if i claimed to be a terrible person, but lived a perfect life? hypocrisy, right? what is worse? the claim, or the action?

you know something i can’t stand, but understand fully at the same time? when non-Christians call me a hypocrite. OF COURSE I AM! did i ever claim to be perfect? seems like you just threw the first stone. BUT, in the middle of my rant, i know that non-Christians likely don’t understand the weight of sin in our lives, so it IS my duty to forgive when they angrily call me a hypocrite. how’s that for a perfect example? still, i don’t understand why that is the go-to response when righteous cause is met with opposition. is that the excuse you are going to hold Christianity to because you don’t feel good enough? is that the attempt to hold the mirror up to me, when really you are scared to look in it yourself? God has given me the authority and duty to admonish you. yes, me, the imperfect, to admonish, advise, and correct you, the imperfect. and He gave YOU the duty to do the same to me.

and to the Christians. you have some work to do, in the way you view the Gospel, and the way you think of other Christians. first, if we understand the Gospel, i don’t think the slander would be so normal. if we are comfortable with confessing how imperfect we actually are, we would likely start to change the way people view Christianity, and more importantly, point them to Jesus. “but God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” romans 5:8. remember that? followed by “so then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you.” 2 corinthians 4:12. we are killing two birds with one stone here. combating one claim of hate thrown at us, and putting the Gospel on display.

secondly, how DARE you in ANY way reject the church or the body of Christ. you know what i’m talking about. you Christians who “don’t like church because of all the hypocrites.” or the ones of you that say “i don’t like church because i don’t like Christians.” or “the church is just trying to control us and take our money.”
first of all, do you think you have it all figured out? are you Jesus? no. right, that’s what i thought.
secondly, YOU are a part of the body of Christ. remember how every part is important?
third, don’t you realize that it is those hypocrites that brought your hypocritical butt to church in the first place? your belief in God exists partly because of the fellowship and guidance of those around you. oh, you’ve been going to church since you were a child? well, your parents are hypocrites, too.

sidenote: what arrogance do we carry in calling others hypocrites!

so, in closing my fit of holy anger, i would encourage you to apologize to the next hypocrite you encounter. won’t take you long to find one.

you have work to do. and so do i, beyond belief.

thanks for reading.


About tewence

you know me...a sinner straying from the straight and narrow.
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