the groan of creation

“i will sigh, and with all creation groan as i wait for Hope to come for me.” – brooke fraser (c.s. lewis)

the other day i went running outside.

*gasp* in FEBRUARY?!  yeah, it was warm and gorgeous outside.  so i took advantage of it and ran for the first time outside in way too long.

i couldn’t help but notice the salvation cries of creation.  they were all around me, inside of me, and sometimes literally hitting me in the face.  Hope is coming for us.

and PTL* for that!

the trees were swaying in the wind.  the sunlight danced in and out from behind the clouds.  the ponds were rippling in response to the breeze.  the geese were honking in all their v-shaped glory.  leaves were floating in the air…right into my face.  (see?)

and i was running.  everything around me was in praise to the Lord.  praising Him in restless anticipation for the day this evil Earth is restored into our final, eternal home.  it makes me realize that when God saw His creation and saw that it was good (Genesis 1:31), He saw it was good because it was a reflection of Him.  a creation for the sole purpose of living a life of praise to Him.  of course, that was screwed up after the fall of mankind, but imagine what the world was like before that.  pristine beyond all imagination, i’m sure.  even in this cursed season of winter, when the evil in the world is SO present that it has an effect on the Earth itself, where life is lost and a time of death is here (see Genesis 3:17), nature is praising with all its might…what it was created to do.  not unlike our lives should be, right?

“You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.”  Isaiah 55:12

you see, everything was created as a manifestation of who God is.  although i believe that if He displayed His FULL self in creation, we would die because of the sheer magnitude of power and greatness.  even humans are a manifestation of God.  just like the Earth, humans have seasons.  and just as Earth praises in the dead of winter, so shall we…in response to His promised return.

yes…in the february winter, warmth is breaking through, with signs and hope of spring life to come.  warmth’s praise is an offering of life to Him from whence it comes.  think back to one of the many times we had snow this winter.  what a MAGNIFICENT display of creation’s praise.  in the bleak midwinter (you like that poem/choral reference?) the snow serves as a reminder that, in the bleakness, there is beauty.  all dreariness covered in a white sheet.  PRAISE GOD!


lastly, while running in the midst of a praising creation, acutely i became aware of the power of God.  His power, hope, glory, and presence are SO strong, that even the Earth yearns, GROANS for Him.  God, help us have the same response.

thanks for reading.

*PTL = praise the Lord

*tmth = too much to handle


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