i know i know…WHAT is a mud-duck?

…i’d be lying if i told you have the EXACT meaning.

the best i can do is try to put into words the image i have of these duck-like creatures from a dream.

somewhere in this dream i stumbled upon a culvert/pipe that i somehow fit into…i guess it was big, although it was almost as if i was looking through a window into the pipe…you know that whacked up dream logic.  anyways.  in this pipe was a mud pit.  yes, the pit where i saw these mud-ducks.  only they were popping up out of the mud into the air, over and over.  they looked like fish out of water, only they were ducks (kinda), and ducks don’t live in mud.  every time they hit air, they couldn’t breathe.  i couldn’t help but think that was odd, because who or what doesn’t breathe air?  on the flip side, as soon as they submersed themselves in mud, their breathing went back to normal.  but they wouldn’t stop.  they kept jumping out of the mud like their life depended on it.  STUPID DUMBS!  they can’t breathe when they do that!

well eventually, after MUCH effort and struggle, they began to breathe air.  everything switched.  if they were do dive back into the mud, they’d drown.  air was what they breathed now.

after this, the mud-ducks faded out of my dream and left me to wake up wondering what in the world it meant.  mind you, i have never really put THAT much thought into dream interpretation and thinking it means something for my life, but this actually had significance for me.

we are the mud-ducks, the mud is the sinful earth we live in, and the air is the presence of God.  i feel as if i don’t necessarily need to take 23948057 more paragraphs to explain the implications of the mud-duck metaphors to the struggle of the human life…it explains itself.  BUT, it struck me to realize that i breathe mud.  i knew that the world is sinful and FULL of evil, but i didn’t ever put it into perspective that i depend on it for survival…or at least it seems that way.  i can’t escape it and no matter what i do, i slip back into it, where i’m comfortable.  the few times i do actually come up for air, it is SO unfamiliar to me.  it isn’t a bad thing by any means, and maybe that is why i keep coming back for more.  one day, praise the Lord, we will get to the point where we can despise the mud and fully live in the presence of God…something that we haven’t fully experienced yet.

i would keep going, but you and i both would be here all night.  let yourself draw your own conclusions.

so this blog is appropriately called “the mud-duck diaries.”  if i don’t abandon this thing and actually post more, i hope to share little tidbits that i pick up on my journey to breathing air.  so hopefully you will learn something (not that i’m that wise or anything…this is not a pat on my own back), maybe you will identify, and i’m SURE you will enjoy.  🙂


thanks for reading.


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you know me...a sinner straying from the straight and narrow.
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